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About Panca.dk - Panca Peruvian Rolling Restaurant

A little about me:

My name is Simon Brammer and i am passionate chef. I want to tell you a little about my Peruvian Food Truck, where the peruvian fusion cusine with good natural ingredients turns into delicious Peruvian dishes. I have lived and traveled in Peru for a decade, where I’ve eaten me through one tasty local dish after another other, and I have long had a desire to convey the enormous gastronomic diversity that exists in the country. Therefore, I would like to serve a wide range of authentic gastronomic dining experiences. The country is about 26 times larger than Denmark and consists of Amazon jungle, Andean mountains that reach up in 6768 m.o.h. and a coastline with desert and lush oases, with a myriad of microclimates, which makes it possible to grow a very wide range of crops. I use predominantly local seasonal ingredients, processed and prepared with authentic methods and spices.

My food Truck has base in leafy Taastrup in the western suburbs.   

Good appetite

Simon Brammer 

A little about the Foodtruck and ordering:

I run my FoodTruck out throughout Denmark and prepares healthy, exotic and flavorful food for all types of events.

For example:

  • Lunch arrangements.
  • Cooking school “food for a day”.
  • Private parties.
  • All kinds of private & public events. 

According to the wishful and needs can I servers between 1 and 3 dishes per. serving. These can be run as:

  • 3 course menu.
  • “Taste” menu.
  • People’s kitchen.
  • Snack bar.

I can servers a total of people of between 30 to 400 people in a period of 1 to 8 hours. It costs nothing to order my Food Truck, but booking is binding and cannot be cancelled within 8 days before the event date. If this were to happen I reserve the right to charge 1/2 portion of the order amount within 3 working days.

I am running in a Fiat Ducato Profecionel with fully integrated kitchen, which is approved by the veterinary and Food Administration. The car measures 5.90 X 2.20 m and weighing less than 3500 kg. It can parkereres in an ordinary parking stall. If there is some cost of rent of stade-space or parking fee then this will be paid by Panca.