Peruvian Food is the food-mekka of the south american cuisine

Lima – Peru is the new Mecca of South America food. One reason is the great diversity of climate, geography, history and gastronomic influence from e.g. Spain, Japan, Italy, France and Africa as there food-culture are mixed with local products.I use many healthy ingredients and native products like quinoa, chia, stevia, Tomato and Fish, Beef and Poultry and lots Vegetables and Herbs with Lime and Chili in many forms. There are also lots of different presentations of potatoes and corn in my kitchen. The potato originated from the Andes Mountains, and is the Andean population pride. Try authentic Inca Cola or Cihcha-morada with or Platinum banana and sweet potato snacks.

Only the best commodities are used in our foodtruck

It is important to us that what you eat is made from good and fresh commodities. That is why we ourselves, select all the commodities used in our food, so that we can ensure YOU the best dining experience in our foodtruck.



Roosted and chilled turkey breast finely sliced and topped with finely sliced red onions with lime juice, chili, parsley, and a green salad, all packed in crunchy wheat bread. A perfect choice to take away.


Sanguchon Peruano

Big Juicy pork sandwich flavored with a crisp sweet potato, and fresh Creole salsa, made of marinated onion, lemon juice, and chili and mint leaf. Packed in a baguette bread.


Lomo saltado beef-sandwich

Juicy beef sandwich in a delicious soy sauce with stir fried onions, tomatoes, chili and parsley, served with salad in a wheat bread.



Mashed potatoes made of lime and yellow chili filled  with minced chicken mayo cream, avocado, tomatoes and greens on top.

Try this potato-popstar.


Main Dishes


Marinated beef hearts grilled on lava stones  on a skewer, served with grilled potatoes, chili sauce and parsley.

Completely authentic.

110 kr

Papa a la Huancaina

Boiled potatoes in slices with peanuts, soft cheese and chili cream, served with kalamata olives, hard-boiled eggs and green salad.

The favorite dish from the Andes



Super Healthy and delicious quinoasalat, made with finely chopped carrots, broccoli, parsley and black and white organic quinoa,topped with roasted sesame seeds, fresh cheese and parsley dressing.

100 kr

Aji de gallina

Chicken in creamy yellow chili stew, served in 2 tartlets. classic  garnished with hard-boiled eggs, Kalmata olives and green salad.

A typical Highlander food, which is crisp and creamy.

100 kr


Strong hot marinated pork in panca chili, onions and Peruvian beer. Served with  a toast and parsley topping.


Malaya Frita

Cooked marinated and fried brisket beef  juicy inside and crispy outside, served with fresh green creole salad and potato/yuca.

Tender and full of umami.




2 small cakes filled with caramelized milk.

(dulce de leche)

50 Kr

lucuma Mousse

Delicious fruit from Peru topped with  sweet chocolate.

60 Kr

Suspiro Limeño

A sweet  you MUST try with lots of protein and flavored with Peruvian Pisco.

70 Kr

Beverages and other accessories

Inca Kola

This yellow Kola became so popular that Coca Cola was forced to buy the rights to produce it. Inca Kola is made from lemon verbena plant.

35 kr

Inca power smoothie

This energetic smoothie is a combination of Peruvian fruits, milk and chia seeds .

50 kr

Peruvian Cusqueña Beer

Brewed 3,300 meters above sea level in the city of Cusco. Lager and malt type.


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